Saturday, August 4, 2007

Welcome To The Filial Piety Society

Children, Family, And Aging Service

Non-Profit Organization

Founded in 1992

43-16 43rd Ave Sunnyside, New York


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Filial Piety Society is to foster strong family relationships inspired by the Asian family tradition. We create safe and happy families by encouraging parents to create a legacy of family values for their children and by encouraging children to honor and help their parents.

The Filial Piety Society was originally established in 1992 as a tax-exempt, not for profit organization. This organization was born out of recognition of culturally different approaches to family relationships in the United States. This recognition led to the establishment of an annual reward ceremony in New York and Washington D.C. for selected individuals who have paid selfless devotion in caring for their dependent parents and family members.
During the span of over a decade the Filial Piety Society has assimilated the best of many cultural practices and is now establishing and educational component intended to broaden its participants' understanding of various positive practices of parenting with the goal of enhancing family mutual support and respect. The Filial Piety Society has grown and thus adopted the more exclusive name of Children Family and Aging Service.

The purpose of the Society is to foster strong families in the belief that families are the foundation of strong communities and a strong nation. With the challenges and advantages of the 21st Century, building and supporting strong family systems if of the highest priority because:

  • Divorce rates remain high: a rate of 3.8 per 1000 population
  • One out of two children will live in a single parent household at some point in childhood
  • Children living without a parent are mostly likely to be living below the poverty threshold
  • Children living with single mothers have a high likelihood of living with public assistance
  • School violence affects all of society. Statistically, children who engage in bullying behavior are more likely to become adult criminals
  • Many children who display violent behavior at school are exposed to violence or abuse outside of school and may be in need of help from counseling.
  • Older Americans make up 12% of the population (36 million)

We Foster Strong Families by honoring exemplary parents and children who show extraordinary devotion to family. A family education program, now in the planning phase. Many older Americans have chronic disability (6.8 million)

Broaden Goals and Services:

In this next year, 2007, Children Family and Aging Service plans to broaden its Education component, and to continue its Excellence in Parenting and Caretaking Awards, Counseling Service, and Sponsorship Program. Each described below:


Our family support education is intended to reinforce strong bonds, to eliminate drugs and violence, improving academic abilities and foster physical health and mutual support. This is an expanding component of our project. In the year 2007 we are creating classes and workshops to include such topics as:

  • Mutual Support and Respect in Families
  • Cultural Differences in Parenting, Aging, Grieving
  • Effects of Aging on Adults

Excellence in Parenting and Caretaking Awards

Aging and Family Services conducts a nationwide search for exemplary parents and children who show extraordinary devotion to family. We find these individuals and recognize them publicly for their commitment. Awards not only encourage those who receive them, but also set a good example of model parents and children. Currently, awards are given for:

  • Exemplary Parent Award- those whose dedication to strong families and love and care for their children is exceptional
  • Exemplary Child Award- those who are exceptionally respectful to and caring for health, peace, and happiness of their elderly parents

CounselingAn expert counselor works with families to help resolve problems and advices appropriate resources to sustain healthy multi-generational family life.

SponsorshipWe also sponsor children, adult children and the elderly with financial support and scholarships. The goal for the children is to help them grow into good family members and citizens, for the adult children to help them access appropriate resources and for the elderly to help them live their lives in comfort and security.

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